Bruges, a sustainable city

Bruges is making a concerted effort to become a sustainable city. Visit Bruges Convention Bureau is working hard to achieve this goal, as part of the city's administration. Your convention can also capitalise on the city's green space. 

A green city

We are especially proud of how sustainable our UNESCO World Heritage City is. All the historic buildings, convention venues and many boutique hotels are within walking distance of each other, within the city's magnificent green city walls. 

Policy makers in Bruges have taken several pioneering decisions in Flanders, e.g. the first hybrid city buses, Alpine energy for all the city services and a stringent environment policy. The museums, hotels, convention centres and other convention centres in Bruges strive to be sustainable, a fact that convention organisers were quick to pick up on.

Want to find out more about the impact of the sustainability of Bruges on your convention, event or incentive? Get in touch with Visit Bruges Convention Bureau by clicking the "free offer" button.

Bruges chooses Fair Trade

Fair Trade Communities, or in the case of Bruges 'Fair Trade Towns', is an international campaign that invites municipalities and their citizens to commit to fair trade. Fair Trade Communities tries in a concrete way to provide a decent existence for small farmers and sustainable producers in the North.

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