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The brand-new ABC Tower was formally opened on 15 June 2018.

The tower is a gateway for cruise passengers to discover Bruges, but also Flanders or other centres of culture located further away. 

The ABC Tower is much more than just a cruise terminal or an office building, however. The building is a multi-purpose building that fulfils a variety of functions.

On non-cruise days, the open space on the 1st floor is used as a venue for receptions, exhibitions, conferences or other events.

Space for catering is available and the large lounge can be divided into two separate rooms by means of a mobile partition. The maximum capacity of the 1st floor is 499 persons.

The ABC Tower also has another gem in store. The 7th floor houses the Port Authority's visitor centre. For the Port Authority, the visitors' centre fulfils a crucial function as its role is to present and communicate the port to the general public. On this floor, there is a projection room where the new port film is shown on 3 screens covering a total width of 12 metres, literally immersing visitors in the atmosphere of the port. This is a space that provides a wrap-around experience. There is also a terrace with a panoramic view of the sea, the port, the village of Zeebrugge, the Coast and the polders.

  • Internet
  • Wifi
  • Airconditioning
  • Restaurant
  • Parking

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