A range of accommodation to suit your needs 

Boasting nearly 100 hotels and no less than 3499 rooms, a range of B&B’s and a varied selection of holiday homes, Bruges offers the visitor a particularly wide and high-quality selection of accommodation. The city has two five-star hotels as well as many charming B&B’s and designer lofts with views over the city. There is something for every taste and budget. Wherever you choose to stay, you are sure to be within walking distance of all the meeting and conference locations. There will be no shuttle buses, queues or traffic jams – you can make the most of every moment you have to enjoy Bruges.

The selection of hotels on offer in Bruges is impressive - Visit Bruges Convention Bureau will help you to find what you are looking for. We have excellent knowledge of all the hotels and their facilities and good relationships with the Bruges hoteliers. Our knowhow and network really do make all the difference. We will look carefully at your preferences, analyse your needs and filter the options to provide you with a custom-picked selection. How about staying the night in the former residence of the Burgundian dukes? Or holding your meeting and staying in the biggest hotel in the city, which is located on the grounds of the medieval Saint Donatian’s Cathedral? The choices are endless. Small groups can book an entire hotel, larger parties can be split into groups spread among several of the many hotels on offer.

We will be happy to analyse your needs and we will ensure that you get a good night’s sleep!

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