CHECKLIST: How to find a good event location?

Are you looking for the perfect location for your event or conference? Complete this Visit Bruges Convention Bureau checklist and you will know immediately what to look for when choosing your location.

Atmosphere and look 

  • Do you have a good feeling about the location?
  • Does the location fit your organisation and the theme of the event?
  • How much freedom do you have to adapt the location to your plans?


  • What is the maximum capacity?
  • What is the layout of the different rooms?
  • Are there enough rooms (for any breakout sessions)?
  • Are there enough toilets?
  • Are there enough tables and chairs available? Is there any other furniture available? What should be rented?
  • Are there any facilities for press and communication?


  • Can you rely on the services of a PCO (a professional organiser) to help you manage your event?
  • Are certain concierge services included? Think of: reception, toilet lady, cloakroom, etc.
  • Is there space available from which the event can be coordinated?
  • Have you rented the location completely for your organisation or do you need to share it with other parties?
  • Does the location have a system of information screens to communicate with the guests?

Accessibility and parking 

  • Is the location easily accessible?
  • Is the location situated centrally?
  • Are there enough hotel rooms available within walking distance?
  • Is the travelling time acceptable for your guests?
  • Is the location accessible by public transport?
  • Is the location easily accessible for international travellers?
  • Is the parking sufficient or do you need to look for parking spaces nearby?

Cloakroom and lockers 

  • Is there a cloakroom?
  • Is the cloakroom big enough?
  • Is the cloakroom manned?
  • If there is no cloakroom, is there another area that can be converted into a cloakroom?


  • What catering facilities are available?
  • Do you have the freedom to work with external catering providers or do you have to work with on-site providers?


  • Are there enough emergency exits and fire extinguishing equipment?
  • Are there smoke detectors?
  • What are the evacuation procedures?
  • Are there any first aid facilities?
  • Is there an AED or defibrillator available?

Technical equipment

  • Does the location offer audio-visual facilities and sound technology?
  • Does the location have good acoustic properties?
  • Does the room have enough lighting?
  • Can the room be darkened if necessary?
  • Is there a stage available or is there a space to install a leased stage?
  • What about heating systems and air conditioning?

Accessibility and lifts

  • Is the location accessible for disabled people?
  • Which special facilities are there? Think of: parking spaces close to the entrance, toilets, lift, etc.

Wi-fi & internet 

  • Is there enough internet connection available for the speakers?
  • Is there a public Wi-Fi network for the guests?
  • Does the network have enough capacity?

Assembly & dismantling

  • What are the possibilities to build up everything upfront and then to dismantle it again?
  • Does the location allow a smooth logistic operation?
  • Can you easily supply and remove goods?
  • Are the ceilings high enough?
  • Are the doors and gates wide enough?
  • Is there enough storage space?

Rules and agreements

  • Read the fine print: what are the payment and cancellation terms and conditions?
  • Are there any house rules that have an impact on the event? For example, is there a closing time?
  • Are there any environmental permit regulations that can have an impact on the event?

Price tag

  • What is included in the price?
  • Are electricity, gas and water included in the rental price?
  • Is it necessary to take out insurance?

Do you have plans to organise an event or conference in Bruges? Then contact Visit Bruges Convention Bureau. As the city’s official conference agency, we offer free professional advice and we are happy to assist you in your search for the appropriate location.


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