City Tracks City Discovery

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City Tracks is a fascinating adventure in the city centre of your preferred town like, Bruges. Each team uses a fully interactive and digital map of the city in their tour around the city centre. Thanks to the use of tablet computers that communicate with each other through satellite connections, all movements of each team are displayed on the team’s own device. Along your route, there are a number of multiple choice, multimedia and practical tests to perform as a team. The built-in score controller keeps track of the other teams’ scores on the tests of this city discovery adventure. Via the radar system, another feature of the handheld technology, it is possible to track the saboteurs (or better said, your “colleagues”). They can disable the functions of your handheld device from a short distance. This not only means a delay in time but also a loss of points for the team. With enough strategic skills and a good dose of guts, the target of this discovery is to be successful in fulfilling the different tasks along the road. We guarantee you a good shot of adrenaline!

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