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Fietsen in Brugge
03 Apr 2024

Sustainability is not a buzzword. It's a call for action. In order to keep our planet liveable for the coming generations, we need to take action now. We can measure our negative impact on the environment with a CO2 footprint. An ecological handprint highlights your positive contribution to our Mother Earth. So let us begin on a positive note, looking at how we can make business tourism more sustainable.

Visit Bruges

Everything starts with a sustainable journey

The transport to and from the event or conference generates some major CO2 emissions. So forsake the car and choose a sustainable means of transport to Bruges, such as the train. From Brussels Airport, you will get to your destination in just 80 minutes. And travelling by train is always the best way to travel, is it not? Prefer the bus? The shuttle service offers 12 direct connections to and from Brussels South Charleroi Airport.

Once in Bruges, all the hotels, venues and sights are accessible within walking distance. In July 2023, the car-free zone in the historic centre was expanded to make the area more pleasant to be in. A nice walk through the mediaeval streets on the way to your conference will clear your head and provide a dose of inspiration at the same time! By the way, did you know that Bruges has the best air quality of all the Flemish cities?

Choose a Green Key location

Green Key is the largest sustainability label for the tourism and recreation sector in Flanders. The new Green Key holders are being recognised for their efforts in sustainable and responsible business practices. By choosing a Green Key location, you are making your contribution to sustainable Mice tourism!

Local caterers maintaining a short chain

Our local caterers work with local products, fresh each day, and sustainable equipment. Plastic is viewed as a sin. Provide waste sorting at your corporate event and encourage attendees to bring reusable water bottles and coffee mugs with them.

Do you know of Kopje Zwam, by the way? This innovative caterer is 100% circular. Kopje Zwam grows oyster mushrooms from leftover coffee grounds, and cultivates microgreens on compost. The coffee grounds are collected from companies and coffee bars by the social partners. The results are vegan burgers, veggie balls and vegan mince. Book Kopje Zwam as a sustainable caterer for your corporate event or organise an inspirational cooking workshop for your team!

Tourist Run
Tourist Run

A fringe activity among the greenery

Bruges' entire city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage site and has a great deal to offer. But could things be done differently?

Begin your conference programme with a morning run along the typical canals, the cultural top spots, through green parks or jogging along the eight-kilometre city ramparts. Or prefer an extensive cycling tour to the picturesque Damme while enjoying the view of the plains, canals, windmills and bunkers?

Measure the climate impact of your conference or corporate event

We travel for pleasure, relaxation or work and this unfortunately impacts upon the climate and the environment. The City of Bruges is working with Greentripper. This tool makes it possible to calculate the CO2 footprint for your journey, compare it with alternative means of transport and financially contribute to some highly certified climate projects in developing countries and sustainable climate initiatives in Europe.

Would you like the measure the ecological footprint of your event and make a positive contribution to that? Calculate your journey's impact and contribute to a climate project of your choice.

Sustainable contact gifts

When we invite you to a site inspection in Bruges, you will be given a conference bag manufactured from recycled PET. And even the tasty things in the welcome bag are sustainable! Sjokla is the official city chocolate for Bruges. This wonderful chocolate is made from Fairtrade cocoa and locally produced by the Guild of Bruges Chocolatiers.

In collaboration with Ebolowa, a town in Cameroon, the City of Bruges is committed to the production of sustainable cocoa and chocolate, drinking water and a greener Ebolowa. Sjokla is aiming to raise €33,000 for a new drinking water well in the Angale district. And you will be helping with this, along with the City of Bruges and the Guild of Bruges Chocolatiers, as €0.50 is donated to the drinking water project for every bar sold!

How to get started?

Sustainability is involved in every step of the organisation process. From choosing a sustainable destination, conference location, caterer, waste processing and fringe activities to digital communication, sustainable mobility and sustainable partners. And how do you get started? Make a sustainability checklist and get cracking. Good luck!