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Draaiboek event
07 Apr 2023

A detailed road map is an important factor in organising a successful event. What is it, what do you need to think about, and how do you draw up a practical, foolproof road map? We are happy to give you the answers.

What is a road map?

A road map for an event is a written-up scenario of planned activities that acts as a guide for an event. It describes in detail and step by step who needs to do what and when to ensure the event runs smoothly.

Why is a road map indispensable?

A road map quickly makes it clear where things could go wrong and where there are any bottlenecks in the course of the event. It brings to light any potential conflicts, such as overlapping sessions or too little time to move from one room to another.

In addition, the road map makes it clear to all involved what they need to do and when. Before, during and after the event. That way, the right man or woman is always in the right place.

How do you draw up a road map for an event or conference?

A road map lists the occurrences at the event in a chronological order. Use the event programme as a stepping stone towards the road map. Then you build the timing for all the events around this programme. Keep in mind suppliers, catering, employees, etc. Think as broadly as possible so you are sure not to forget anyone.

Also appoint a contact person or person in charge. This person is the person anyone can turn to with questions or any problems they may have. That also allows you to maintain a good overview of the organisation. Therefore, the contact details for those so designated are crucial. State these clearly in the road map.

If the event is a large one, it may be helpful to appoint several people responsible for each part. Consider topics such as catering, suppliers, welcoming guests, speakers and so on. Each of these themes has specific needs that might be better addressed by a separate person responsible.

Communication is key

Communication is the most important thing. Make sure that everyone involved is familiar with the contents of the road map. Only then can you be sure that everyone will play their part perfectly and that the event will run like clockwork. Communicate sufficiently in advance, so that you can still incorporate any feedback into a final version of the road map. Also provide key staff members with a hard copy of the road map for use during the event.

A template for creating your road map

Looking for a sample event road map? Visit Bruges Convention Bureau has created a handy template.