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Sociale media
07 Apr 2023

Social media is the ideal way to reach your target audience, capture their attention and keep them excited. Is it a small-scale conference, a networking event for a few hundred participants or an even bigger event such as a trade fair where you are aiming at many more visitors? It comes down to using the right platform and content. We are happy to give you a guide.

Promoting an event on Facebook

Facebook has by far the largest reach of any social network. This makes it a powerful medium for e.g. encouraging ticket sales and attracting visitors. There are several options on Facebook for that:

  • Create a Facebook event.
  • Use Facebook ads.
  • Organise a competition.
  • Engage with followers.
  • Invite people.

LinkedIn as a professional platform

LinkedIn is an ideal place for networking online with industry peers. Whether that means finding speakers for your event, publishing engaging content or making new contacts. You do this in a variety of ways:

  • Create a showcase page.
  • Create an event group.
  • Post status updates regularly.
  • Post relevant content.

Don't forget your existing channels

Do you have existing online channels, such as a website and/or commercial mailshot? Be sure to include those in your online promotion strategy. The more avenues you use to launch your message, the more likely it is to cross the path of your potential participants or visitors.

Convey your message interactively

Using the right online channels is a good start. However, what you publish on those platforms is crucial to a successful communication strategy. Find a healthy mix of messages – that way, you will continue to pique curiosity and interest. Some of the possibilities:

  • Is a speaker publishing something on the topic of your conference? Then share it. Don't forget to tag the speaker!
  • Ask questions to provoke interaction. What topic will keep your target audience engaged or what lecture are they most looking forward to?
  • Use photos and videos. Consider a time-lapse video of the construction or a photo of an important guest.
  • Put your location in the spotlight, e.g. with a 360° virtual tour of Bruges
  • Etc.

Combine posts – if there is the budget for it – with online ads on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram. That way, even more people will see your post. In addition, you can advertise to a defined group and aim your arrows straight at the target.

Good luck!