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Grand Opening BMCC
07 Apr 2023

During a corporate event, you invite employees, business partners and potential customers. Whether it's a corporate event, an outdoor meeting or a multi-day conference, the approach to organising it remains broadly the same. Just like the success factors. To give you a decent foothold, we will pour this into some clear tips for making your corporate event a success.

Good preparation is half the battle

Organising a successful corporate event starts long before you bring the first partner on board or secure your venue. The better the preparation, the greater the chance of success. So start thinking and learning in good time. Answer these questions:

  • What do you want to accomplish with your event?
  • Who is your target group and what type of corporate event do you want to organise?
  • What is your budget? You will need to keep monitoring this all along the line as well.
  • When will your conference or meeting take place? Bear in mind holiday periods, trade fairs and concurrent events in the city.

Location, location, location

The right location will get your corporate event off to a flying start. So take plenty of time to find a suitable venue. The historic Old St. John for your medical conference or a meeting about shipping in the ABC Tower at the port of Zeebrugge? Don't hesitate to call upon people with expertise in your search for the ideal venue. Visit Bruges Convention Bureau is ready and waiting for you.

More than your professional message

Of course, the professional story is central to your conference or meeting. Yet it is precisely everything around it that makes the difference. Don't underestimate the power of good catering for adding flavour to your corporate event. And add some entertainment to get your audience all on board. An opportunity to relax or a cultural activity? Bruges has a great deal to offer.

Good arrangements make good friends

Make good arrangements. A road map for your event in line with its programme is an excellent tool for this. That way, all parties involved will know what to do and your corporate event will run smoothly. Also, be prepared for the worst and work out an emergency scenario. Describe, among other things, what to do in the event of a cancellation. In the hope that you never need that part of the road map, of course.

Communicate clearly and in good time

Your corporate event can only be a success if your target audience knows about it. Make some original invitations, send out the programme in good time, and announce your plans on social media. Share a photo of the preparations or announce a renowned speaker to trigger potential visitors. Also, be sure to call upon the press. They have a wide reach, which gives you extra clout with minimal effort.

Enlist professional help for your corporate event

No doubt you're a pro in your field. But so are the professional organisers of corporate events or DMCs (Destination Management Companies). They will put their skills and expertise to work in organising your corporate event. Both digitally and in the physical world. This way, you will also reap the benefits of their rich local network and their good knowledge of the city.

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