The creative and dynamic entrepreneurial environment in Bruges has always attracted national and international key players in the field of innovation and technological progress. A diverse and dynamic business ecosystem, IT, smart activities and innovation (e.g. in the field of mobility) play a significant role in our economic vitality.

High-end education as an engine for innovation

It is that economic vitality that has inspired KU Leuven to establish a brand new campus for industrial sciences, rehabilitation sciences and physiotherapy in Bruges. Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen (Howest) and Hogeschool Vives (both colleges of higher education) have campuses in Bruges as well. Together, they focus on creative education and quality research. Pioneering in innovation, they work together with several leading IT companies.

Visit Bruges Convention Bureau will be pleased to put you in touch with the right partners for the organization of your IT conference in Bruges – free of charge!


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