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“Madame Couvert’s cooking is so good, it makes onions cry”

A party with your friends, a wedding party, children's party, family party... or an event with your organisation? You don't want to be in the kitchen, you'd much rather be sitting at the table, on the dance floor humming along to your favourite songs or networking with colleagues or clients, right?

Yet you want to spoil your guests with impressive, freshly made dishes. Seasonal, honest and responsibly sourced local, finger-licking ingredients.

“Have no fear, Madame Couvert is here”

Madame Couvert works with you to create a menu based on your preferences (and budget). A six-course menu with matching wines that the Kardashians would envy? It's possible!

Or would you prefer to have three dishes delivered to your home which you can then put on the table for your guests? That's possible too!

Whether vegan, veggie, or pescatarian... everyone can be catered for at your party or event.

Drop an email to Madame Couvert. Then you can get on with the things that really matter, like putting together your playlist and choosing an outfit.

P.S. It's Like the deserts miss the rain’ en niet ‘Like the peasants miss the rain’…


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