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The great city of Bruges revives again in all his medieval glory. For this unforgettable Medieval night, you are welcomed in an authentic historical building (an abbey, an arched cellar, illustrious venues, …). The food & beverage and animation during your Medieval Festival will be measure-made and/or adapted according to the available budget and the number of participants.

Do you rather prefer an evening between the stars, Hollywood at its best. As from the arrival the guests see the world-famous letters of the city of stars. Embark for an unforgettable journey on the Titanic, get in the carriage of Ben-Hur. Pellicules, director’s chairs and cameras, everything is ready for take 1. Tonight you are the star. 

Rather be invited for a trip to Las Vegas, to the world of blackjacks, roulettes and wheels of fortune. We present a real casino and gambling evening with professional croupiers and fake money. 

You want a fun fancy-dress themed evening, taking you back to the time of Al Capone, the Untouchables, the Prohibition, the Charleston – just like the Cotton Club in times gone by. Fancy-dress with various thematic accessories, objects, panels, etc, in the style of the Cotton Club. Gadgets in the theme foreseen for the guests.


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