Legal provisions

Welcome to the website of Meeting in Bruges!

The entire contents of this website are in the possession and under the control of Meeting in Bruges, and are protected by universal copyright. The website also contains links or references to other sites. Meeting at Bruges bears no responsibility for the contents of these other sites.

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Respect for your privacy

Meeting in Bruges wishes to respect in full the privacy of every visitor to our website.

For this reason Meeting in Bruges wishes to provide you with information on the following matters:
- the details which will be collected and held by Meeting in Bruges as a result of your visit to our website;
- the manner in which Meeting in Bruges will use and protect these details.

Don’t worry! If you do not want your personal details, collected as a result of your visit to our website, to be retained by Meeting in Bruges, we will tell you exactly what you need to do to have these details removed. We will also tell you how to check and amend any details which we may already have saved. In normal circumstances, it is possible for these details to be updated and corrected at all times. 

The Privacy Law

The law of 08/12/1992 for the safeguarding of personal privacy – known as the Privacy Law – guarantees you the following rights:

Right of access and verification in respect of your details;
You retain at all times the right to examine the details which Meeting in Bruges holds about you and to check whether these details are included in data bases compiled by Meeting in Bruges.

Right of objection

You retain at all time the right to object to the use of your details by Meeting in Bruges.

Right of amendment

You can ask us to amend your details at all times.

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