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‘lift up your imagination’

The Provincial Court offers the opportunity to hold a meeting in a unique heritage location in the heart of the World Heritage city of Bruges. The Provincial Court was built on the location of the former Waterhalle, where ships would load and unload their wares. Bruges grew to become one of Europe’s most significant trade centres, and the Waterhalle was one of the seven wonders of Bruges. Today, the current neogothic complex is an iconic part of Bruges’ Market Square. The Provincial Court is a wonderful and comprehensive neogothic work of art, its interior richly decorated with coats of arms, stained glass windows and statues which point to the city and the region’s rich past and the administrative function of the building.

As well as your meeting taking place in a World Heritage city, you will also be right in the centre of the city, within walking distance of everything. This is an ideal spot for a meeting in a wonderful historic setting. Just as the Waterhalle and the covered harbour used to be the economic heart of the city, the Provincial Court is set to be a future catalyst for business, events and meetings which centre around knowledge and economic progress.

 The Provincial Court is currently covered in scaffolding in order to complete its restoration and ensure that the building has the necessary technology in place for future use. The intention is to transform the Provincial Court into an open house for the Province of West Flanders. It is set to be a place of inspiration and an exciting gateway into the West Flanders region.

The renovations include the addition of three new lifts to increase accessibility. There will also be changes made to the building in order to conserve energy and boost sustainability, such as modernisation of lighting and installation of under-floor heating.

Based on the three-seat principle, the maximum capacity is 220 people. There are five breakout rooms which can also be hired independently as meeting rooms and can accommodate between 20 and 100 people theatre-style. It is expected to be ready by 2024.

The renovations are transforming the Provincial Court into an international-standard high-quality meeting location. In this highly imaginative location you will be sure to have a unique heritage experience which will instantly take your meeting up to the next level.

  • Capacity

      Daylight Surface Height Theatre Style School Style U-shape Reception Dinner
    Jules Dobbelaerezaal N 48.0 5.0 20 0 15 0 0
    Forum Ruzetteruimte hal1 N 536.0 0.0 220 0 60 300 160
    Forum Ruzetteruimte hal2 N 95.0 0.0 220 0 60 300 160
    Forum Ruzetteruimte hal3 N 143.0 0.0 220 0 60 300 160
    Provincieraadzaal N 302.0 21.0 220 0 60 220 160
    Balkonzaal N 149.0 21.0 120 0 40 120 50
    Louis Delacenseriezaal N 74.0 7.0 60 0 20 60 25
    Edward De Vooghtzaal N 56.0 6.0 25 0 15 0 0
    H & G Pickeryzaal N 50.0 6.0 20 0 15 0 0
    René Buyckzaal N 160.0 11.0 120 0 40 0 0
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