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 | Bruges is in our genes. Perfect+ knows Bruges' hidden gems. Experienced DMC for 30 years and therefore your ideal incoming partner. Incentives, conferences, special events, company outings, team building, city rallies and especially city games, including the irresistible CityGame, EscapeGame, ClimateGame and BikeGame. Furthermore, themed evenings, culinary activities and numerous fun ideas. 5-language service. Thousands of references. Indulge your guests with talkative and unforgettable experiences. Mouth watering, enjoy, excel = our guarantee.

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Geerwijnstraat 9, 8000 Brugge

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Station Brugge

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CityGame Bruges

The CityGame Bruges is an interactive and very nice experience through the city. Teams are equipped with a 5G iPad and have no clue of where they will come and what they will find along the way. Not just a basic city game, but literally interactive and thus … surprising.

Important: this unique and interactive experience can be developed around a certain theme or in the venue/area/region of your choice with specific elements and ideas for your group.  

ClimateGame Bruges

Do you possess the necessary 'climate awareness' or would you like to see this stimulated among your employees?

Eco teambuilding 'The ClimateGame'. The ideal and educational concept for your next teambuilding, team outing or team incentive in Bruges. For companies that want to contribute to 'climate awareness' we developed 'The ClimateGame'. Not just a casual city game, but a unique interactive mix of team learning and team event with a focus on eco and climate. Infotainment combined with team building. Unseen and unsurpassed.

If you choose to participate in the ClimateGame, you automatically do a good climate deed. For every team that participates in the ClimateGame, we plant a tree.

EscapeGame Bruges

The most exciting city game of the moment in downtown Bruges. Brand new and blood-curdling. An iPad with an interactive city map of Bruges and a suitcase full of materials. That's all you get your hands on. Now what? Put your heads together within the team, decide on a plan and then head for the safes in the city. The ultimate goal: crack as many codes as possible and get your hands on as much money as possible. Once you start cracking the code, there is no way back. If you succeed, the money is yours. If not, the only option is to escape quickly ....

A unique interactive experience full of excitement, teamwork, deliberation and so much more.

Foot rally ‘Bruges Upside Town’

A lively stroll through the historic centre of Bruges. The tour takes the group on a diverting walk along the most important sights of the town. In this way, those taking part get to know the rich past of the magnificent old Bruges in a very entertaining way. Fun guaranteed! Question solving, photo assignments, a photo quest, and practical challenges. Something for everyone!

An ideal formula for incentives, team building and touristic leisure programs or simply someone looking for an original yet energetic group activity.

BikeGame Bruges – Damme

The BikeGame Bruges - Damme is an interactive and very fun bike ride through the beautiful polders of le plat pays between Bruges and Damme. We provide an easy and beautiful bike course, but with a piece of technology at hand in an irresistible game concept. Physical effort is not required, but tactical deliberation is.

This creates experience, excitement and the absolute will to go further each time on their exploration. 

Bicycle rally Bruges – Damme

Discover the marvellous polder landscapes near Damme while working out. The romantic stories of Nele and local hero Till Eulenspiegel will guide the participants on their cycle tour. But various skills will be needed to complete the fun missions! An activity, suitable for everybody, fed with the right number of challenges.

Murder game ‘Holy Blood’

The Holy Blood, Bruges' renowned relic has disappeared. The world famous detective agency B&A Ltd. has been appointed to recover this historically valuable relic. But to succeed, they have to appeal to local recruits. Crack the code on the website, unravel the enigmas and mysteries in a world of ancient secrets.  Mystery and surprises will become your part. Pursue suspicious persons, interview shady characters. Collect as many facts as possible and help B&A Ltd. retrieve the Holy Blood.

A team-building format full of riddles, pursuits, deals, intrigues and … tension.

Active team building ‘Squadra Universalis’

Through various team challenges, we are looking for your company's most complementary team! Who will rise to the challenge?

During this activity all your skills will be tested! Not only perseverance is important, but also skills, insight and your team spirit are crucial. Because of the different challenges there is something for everyone! Creativity, strength, dexterity, intelligence... It will all come into play during this playful team building activity! You will undoubtedly experience a great team building, but also get to know the person behind your colleague. This teambuilding will undoubtedly contribute to a better internal functioning and team spirit.

Film workshop ‘The Golden Case’

Enjoy this unique experience and feel like a real director, cameraman or actor while you're making your own film! This requires teamwork! During this program you will have the opportunity to play a role in a real film. Or do you prefer a place behind the camera? Or do you want to direct the film? No problem, because during this workshop, each team works together to make their proper short film.

Of course we take care of all necessary equipment and good instructions of the camera. EVERYBODY READY! ACTION! Afterwards we do the editing and send you the movies or you can watch it immediately, for example during a dinner later that evening. This film workshop will help you make a great film with your colleagues. Moreover, you will enjoy an unforgettable day.