The Interactive CityGame Bruges

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The CityGame Bruges is an interactive and very nice experience through the city. Teams are equipped with a iPad with mobile Internet and a GPS device and have no clue of where they will come and what they will find along the way. Not just a GPS game, but literally interactive and thus … surprising. A brief explanation of the equipment is given to the team captains and navigators and route information is provided on the iPad. The iPads allow the teams to read the case questions, to give the answers, to communicate with each other and to see their actual position in the game. The groups have to clear a way through the “city jungle”. This game guarantees tension, excitement and the absolute desire to win. The teams can take pictures with the iPad, which will be uploaded to a webpage, along with the final score. Team building, executive ability and team strategy are the keys to success. Only logic, working together, inventiveness and good navigation lead to victory.

Important: this unique and interactive experience can be developed around a certain theme or in the venue/area/region of your choice with specific elements and ideas for your group.  

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