Bleisure: a new trend in the world of business

Ever heard of bleisure? If you travel regularly for business, you might already be doing it without knowing the term. High time to introduce this new trend in the business world.

What is bleisure?

Bleisure is a combination of the English terms Business and Leisure. The term stands for a new trend in business travel in which a fun factor is linked to the business purpose of the trip. This new interpretation of business travel is a result of the blurring of the boundaries between home and work. The idea behind it is: let’s enjoy it while you’re here.

Bleisure in practice

Bleisure is mainly a matter of smart planning. It varies from using your free hours to quickly do some sightseeing to a few days of real holiday that you can add to your business trip. It becomes even more pleasant when your partner, family or friends travel with you. A lot depends on the destination. The more appealing the destination, the more inclined you will be to explore it.

How to give your meeting or convention the right level of bleisure? 

If you organise a meeting or convention it is worthwhile to provide sufficient free time and moments of leisure in the program. A relaxed and happy audience will pay more attention to your business message. Moreover, these leisure activities are the ideal setting for expanding social contacts.

Location also plays an important role in attracting people to your event. For example, the international character of the historic city centre of Bruges will certainly prove to be an asset. Besides, activities such as a tour with a horse-drawn carriage or a visit to one of the many museums or to a brewery can easily be planned in your event.

Keep your audience in mind when choosing the activities. Perhaps it’s a good idea to give your attendees a choice between different possibilities? Think of sporting activities or cultural visits that are appropriate for each type of convention attendee. As a tourist attraction, Bruges offers a wide range of activities that will certainly charm your attendees. Local PCOs and DMCs can certainly help you with this.

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