How to promote your event online?

Social media is the perfect media to reach interested parties, attract their attention and maintain that attention. Regardless of whether it’s a small-scale convention, a networking event for a few hundred participants, or an even larger event such as a trade fair that aims to attract many more visitors.

It’s all about choosing the right medium appropriate for your event. To help you do this, we list below the characteristics and strengths of the three most important social media channels you can use: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Facebook can be a powerful medium to boost ticket sales and attract people to your event. It offers by far the widest reach of all social networks.

What to do?

  • Create a Facebook event
  • Use Facebook ads
  • Organise a contest
  • Engage in dialogue with followers
  • Invite people


Twitter offers many opportunities to help you advertise and ultimately promote your event. The results are fast, direct and often viral.

What to do?

  • Create your own #hashtag
  • Ask speakers at your convention to actively participate
  • Respond to discussions relevant to your event
  • Expand your network


LinkedIn enables you to network with others in your branch. Whether it’s about finding speakers for your event, publishing exciting content or making new contacts.

What to do?

  • Create a showcase page
  • Create an event group
  • Post regular status updates
  • Post relevant content

Of course, a good online promotion strategy also involves using your existing channels. For instance, your website and commercial mailings. No doubt it is also a good idea to reserve a certain budget for online advertising on the above channels. In the end, a mix of means of communication will give the best results.

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