How to set the ideal date for your event or convention?

In the who, what, where, when of your event or convention, the when-question is very important. Of course, you want your target group to be present. To do so, they will of course have to put your event on their calendar. If you consider the tips below, the chances that they will do so is considerably higher.

Check out the competition.

At all times you want to avoid an event that targets your target group taking place on the same date. You risk reaching few people and you may be fishing in the same pond of speakers. That is why it is advisable to carefully screen the market in your search for the perfect date. The less competition, the better.

It's all a matter of timing. 

It’s not just the competition that can throw a spanner in the works. Popular events such as the World Cup or the Tour of Flanders can also be the cause of a lower turnout. Specific target groups require specific attention. Think of students who are glued to their books during exam periods or workers who go away during construction industry holiday. Don’t just look at your home country for this, because holiday periods can vary greatly from one country to another. It is therefore important to choose a date appropriate to your target group.

There are 7 days in a week, but...

...not every day is an event day. Mondays are out of the question. Nobody wants to start their work week with an event or convention. For business events, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the best choice. On Wednesdays, you will have to take part-timers into account. Fridays, followed by the weekend, are perfect for festive events.

Cold or warm?

Every season has its own value. In the winter, a cozy Christmas market and perhaps a layer of snow create a beautiful backdrop in the city centre of Bruges. Spring brings the city to life, while summer fills the outdoor cafes. Autumn then transforms the city into a true splendour of colour. In short, the city of Bruges fascinates in every season. It is up to you to choose which season best suits your target group.

It may be clear that the date is one of the decisive factors for the success of your event or convention. Therefore, are you planning a convention in Bruges? Then be sure to contact Visit Bruges Convention Bureau. As the official convention bureau of the city of Bruges, we have a good insight into the events, conventions and seminars in the city. So, we can help you to determine the ideal date for your event or convention.

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