What role does a Professional Conference Organizer play?

A Professional Conference Organizer – PCO for short – is a company that focuses mainly on conferences, events and meetings. You can appeal to a PCO when you want to organize an event, conference or congress, but do not know where to begin or simply have not got enough time.

Most PCOs offer a wide range of services covering all aspects of your event. Below, we describe some of their core tasks.

Planning: staying firmly in control

Count on your PCO for the preliminary planning, and for the coordination and supervision during the event. This will allow you to work efficiently and to keep risks to a minimum. Every event is followed by a debriefing.

Communication is everything

An efficient communication plan describes both the internal and external communication in detail. In order to stand out creatively, a good PCO will go the extra mile and incorporate the corporate style, logo, web design, and graphic design of print and online media. In addition, the PCO will coordinate the communication strategy with different stakeholders such as venues, suppliers, catering, press and participants.

Numbers and figures

It is the Professional Conference Organizer’s job to manage your budget while aiming to obtain the event’s goals.

Participant registration

The PCO takes care of the registration of your guests, for instance by using an online registration form. During the conference, they welcome the participants, giving them a personal badge. Any data obtained will of course be kept for you.

Speaker Management

A PCO contacts your event’s speakers and assists them in the preparation of their presentation. Speakers receive the schedule well in advance, and to outsmart Murphy, all presentation equipment is tested beforehand.

The supreme moment

When the day of your event has finally arrived, your Professional Conference Organizer will live up to their name, steering the event in the right direction. They will be omnipresent, supervise the event continually and remain in touch with all the suppliers. This will allow you to enjoy a hassle-free event.

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