Why organise an incentive?

Why organise an incentive?

An incentive encourages action or greater effort or can be a reward for increased productivity. The incentive is an excellent tool to motivate, convince or reward both own employees as well as customers and suppliers.

10 good reasons for organising an incentive

The incentive is a modern management technique that allows you to pursue different goals, but the guiding principle is always to reward and stimulate a certain behaviour. The technique works for different target groups. For example, your customers, your dealers, your staff, etc. Below we list ten good reasons for organising an incentive.

1. To motivate the participants to meet a certain target.
2. To improve the team spirit of a group.
3. To reward the participants for their loyalty.
4. To mitigate the effects of major changes in the company or department.
5. To improve collaboration between colleagues from different departments.
6. To launch a new product.
7. To celebrate an anniversary or other milestone.
8. To communicate new goals.
9. To brainstorm and come to new insights.
10. To strengthen the relationships with the participants: staff, customers and suppliers.

Mixing business with pleasure

Although an incentive has a business purpose, the relaxation element is its driving force. With your incentive, you are pursuing a good team spirit. You want to achieve better collaboration or improve performance. This is easier if the participants have a good time. So, an incentive should be more than just a business trip.
The different activities during the incentive provide a shared experience among the participants. It creates a bond that will last for a long time. It gives employees a sense of togetherness and it stimulates loyalty with customers and dealers.
Depending on the participants you have in mind, you’d better provide enough relaxation elements. Think for example of bowling, golf, a gastronomic walk or bike ride. Or make it more adventurous by opting for crossbow shooting in a medieval guild, a dropping or a parachute jump. Cultural activities are also usually very popular. Especially if you plan your incentive in a city with many interesting cultural attractions such as Bruges.

Organising a successful incentive in beautiful Bruges? 

Are you planning an incentive for your employees, customers or dealers in the near future? Well, Bruges has everything you need to make your incentive a success. Meeting in Bruges, the city’s official convention office, is happy to offer you free professional advice on how to organise your incentive. Contact us today.

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